Patrick S. Reid, CFO

CFO Services

Every business needs a financial navigator, but not every business needs one full-time. That is why Patrick S. Reid, CFO offers a permanent, part-time CFO for your company, providing monthly analysis of the numbers, timely and accurate financial statements, and assistance with special projects and staff development.

Accounting Management, Policies and Procedures
If your department is running smoothly, we keep it that way. Often Patrick S. Reid, CFO is able to analyze the processes and make improvements.
Relations Development

Patrick S. Reid, CFO
will make sure your company is successful in obtaining the support it needs from financial institutions, and maintaining a positive relationship with them.

Cash Flow Management and Projections

Understanding cash needs well-in-advance is preferable to being surprised. Patrick S. Reid, CFO excels at projecting cash flow.
Financial Statement Analysis and Preparation
Collecting the right data is only half of the battle. Communicating it in a clear, effective way is the other half, and Patrick S. Reid, CFO is exceptional at performing this task.
Efficiency cannot be attained unless every staff member is working at their maximum potential. Patrick S. Reid, CFO has a long history of developing people to their optimal performance.
Strategic Business Planning
Once goals are established, every company should have a detailed plan on how to achieve the maximum financial result. Patrick S. Reid, CFO can help develop and implement that plan.
Bridging CFO Services
If your CFO or Controller is leaving, you may need services on an interim basis. Patrick S. Reid, CFO will provide the bridge you need and even help recruit, hire and train the permanent replacement.
Navigating Financial Waters Patrick S. Reid CFO